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Each one of us still felt that need.. That One more thing we had to accomplish…
Going up the river. Back to our origins, origins of mankind, back to where humanity was born, back to Africa.

Then one day our paths crossed and we knew we had to travel together.
Together, sailing our Black River.
First time we met was at Jean’s recording studio in Paris. Just the three of us. No words were spoken.Only music, and along came the first songs…
Moved to Salif Keita’s legendary studio Moffou, in Bamako, Mali.
There we laughed and cried as voices of griot Bako Dagnon and Kasse mady Diabate touched the long time buried emotions, shaking up our very souls.
Then, we knew we had found what we had came to look for.

Riviere Noire is about that experience. About the people we met along the way.
It is our great pleasure to take you on that journey…

Thanks also to Altiné Tamboura, Bloffou and Sylie Hoarau